What Series Competitions are there?

There is a Gender and an Age Group series competition for all adult series (5k, 10k and 15k) as well as an Age Group series for the kids. There is also a Gender series competition for Competitive Walkers at both the 5k and 10k distances. Check out the Merit Awards list in the Info section for a full list of all awards.

How are the points calculated? 

Series points are awarded at each event in the series. Provided you record a finish time in the official event results, you will also gain some series points. The points calculation is based on where you finished relative to the winner in your gender & age group for that distance. The first placed athlete in each category receives 100 points. All subsequent finishers are awarded points as a percentage of the winner’s time on a descending logarithmic scale. That means that, no matter how long you take to finish, you will always earn some points in your season-long quest for greatness!

Remember, you will receive series points in both your gender competition and your age group competition. The points awarded will be different in each one because they will - most likely - be calculated relative to a different winning time.

Remember! There are DOUBLE POINTS on offer at the Grand Finale!